Konstantinos Roditis Yes on 6 Rally

Konstantinos Roditis, Co-chair of Yes on 6: Repeal the Car & Gas Tax Initiative

Konstantinos Roditis along with the leader of the 2018 Car & Gas Tax Repeal Initiative and former Chairman of Reform California, Carl DeMaio.

Konstantinos Roditis crisscrossed the state of California to repeal the SB1 gas and car registration increase. The goal was to repeal the tax hikes and install a constitutional amendment that would prohibit the California State legislature from increasing the car and gas tax without a vote of the people.

Konstantinos Roditis for California State Controller

Konstantinos Roditis was a nominated candidate for California State Controller in 2018. Mr. Roditis fought to inform voters of the $120 billion Service and Labor Tax which Sacramento politicians want to implement.

Mr. Roditis was also the leading voice on defunding the unlawful High-Speed Rail project. As Controller, Mr. Roditis would have stopped all payments to the High-Speed Rail project because of it’s blatant violation of voter-approved¬†ballot measure Prop 1A in 2008.

Konstantinos Roditis government reform advocate

Konstantinos Roditis is a staunch support and activist for government reform. He is the author of Trickle-up-Taxation which would remove direct state taxation and relegate taxation and most fiscal decision to the county and local level.

Mr. Roditis is also working on new government reform ballot initiatives for 2020. Including restructuring state constitutional offices, tax agency consolidation, and limiting state legislatures from full-time to part-time legislators.

About Konstantinos Roditis


University of California, San Diego

B.A. Political Science/International Relations


Residential Finance America

Auditor/Compliance Coordinator

2004- Present

Corporate Executive

DDCS, Inc. - CR Automotive Group, Inc. - Sigma Development, LLC


Anaheim Performing Arts Center Foundation

Executive Board of Directors, Secretary

2017-November 6, 2018

ECO Sciences

Advisory Board of Directors



Performance Institute

Non-partisan government reform think tank


American Ground Transportation

Chief Executive Office/Chief Financial Officer


City of Anaheim

City Commissioner


California State Controller – Yes on 6

Republican Candidate for California State Controller - Yes on 6 Co-Chair


Reform California

Advisory Board Chairman