Great News!!! – Rat Protection Bill Killed!!!

Hello, Friends & Reformers

Great news!!! As you know, in July, Reform California was leading the fight to kill Assembly Bill 1788. AB 1788 was known as The Rodent Protection Bill.

AB 1788 aimed to prohibit the use of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs) throughout the state; SCARs are the most effective tool in controlling rodent populations.

Reform California’s scathing report revealed that California cities are struggling with a massive rat infestation and our state and national media coverage helped kill Sacramento’s Rodent Protection Bill.

The fight isn’t over. It’s an excellent first step, but we still have a public health crisis looming with rats running free in California.

Reform California is in the fight to clean up the mess and bring common-sense solutions to California.

Please help us win the fight in California and please consider contributing today

Konstantinos Roditis, Chairman
Reform California